Ad Design Innovation – RTÉ unveil Innovative rich media takeover for Mazda Ireland – ‘Animated Skin Full Screen’ Ad Format

RMG, Mindshare Ireland and Mazda Ireland choose the ‘Animated Skin Full Screen’ ad format for the launch of the all-new Mazda 2.

The campaign was designed by Mazda’s creative agency RMG and build was completed by the RTÉ Media Sales – Digital team.

Using the animated skin and MPU formats, the user is encouraged to explore the all-new Mazda 2. Upon activation, an illuminated Mazda 2 ‘drives’ in from the side and breaks the site to reveal a beauty shot of the car and an opportunity to play the video ad.

“The RTÉ takeover is a perfect example of how good creative can deliver cut through in a crowded digital space and allow a brand to engage with the consumer in a meaningful way – in this case, giving us the opportunity to showcase the innovative look and design of the all-new Mazda 2” said Avril Brophy, Marketing Communications Manager at Mazda Motor Ireland.

“This ad format provides an immediate high-impact brand statement and instantly engages the audience”, said Emma Field, RTÉ Media Sales-Digital, Account Manager.

The Homepage takeover ran across RTÉ.ie along with additional takeover across RTÉ.ie/Sport and standard creative* across RTÉ.ie/Motor – greatly increasing reach and exposure.

*(Skin, Billboard, MPU – whereby the user selects a hotspot to start exploring)

Click on the image below to view the campaign in the creative gallery of our website:


Mazda1600 2

RTÉ.ie – Mazda – Animated Skin Full Screen

Mazda HPTO (Motors)

RTÉ.ie/Motors – Mazda – Animated Skin Full Screen


Campaign details:
Client: Mazda Ireland
Campaign: New Mazda 2

Ad Format: Animated Skin Full Screen
Platform: RTÉ.ie
Platform: RTÉ.ie/Sport

Ad Format: Skin, Billboard, MPU
Platform: RTÉ.ie/Motors


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Emma finalEmma Field, Account Manager, RTÉ Media Sales – Digital, has over 10 years experience in marketing and digital advertising. Emma manages a key portfolio of advertising agencies and is responsible for online sales advertising across RTÉ’s digital platforms. Emma holds a BA from UCD and H.Dip in Business from the Michael Smurfit School of Business.



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Play 05David Fogarty, Commercial Coordinator, RTÉ Media Sales – Digital, has been involved in digital advertising for over 8 years. David has responsibility of leading and managing the RTÉ digital trafficking team and development and implementation of new ad formats across all of RTÉ digital platforms. David is a specialist in Rich Media and Video and holds a BSc in Computing.