Ad Innovation – RTÉ unveil innovative HTML5 Rich Media Homepage Takeover on RTÉ.ie for RSA

RSA Rich Media - HPTO


RTÉ Media Sales – Digital, in collaboration with Irish International and MediaVest unveil innovative Rich Media Homepage Takeover on RTÉ.ie for RSA.


The concept for the digital element of this campaign originated in RTÉ’s digital division, following consultation with MediaVest. The campaign creative assets were supplied by RSA’s creative agency, Irish International.


The RSA campaign for safe driving is always an important one.


“Running in sync with the TV campaign, the objective was to reflect the TVC message – making a strong impact to protect vulnerable road users” said David Fogarty, Commercial Coordinator, RTÉ Media Sales – Digital.


One of the primary problems on our roads is visibility during wet weather. The RTÉ.ie homepage website was surrounded via a driver’s point of view.


HTML5 animation and various design techniques were used to create the effects and overlay the site.


An auto-initiating overlay was implemented to pour rain down on the site and apply condensation akin to the wet weather effect on car windows. An indicator light would then flash on left hand side of the page. The site would then wobble, like a thump as if you were the cyclist just hit by the car. The rain would then gentle fade away to black, delivering a strong brand message – ‘We all see the road differently. Put yourselves in their shoes’.


After a few short seconds, the overlay auto-collapses and reveals the site again while the skin continues to animate and drive home the message.


Caroline Curtis, Client Manager, MediaVest said “The RSA were delighted with this disruptive takeover- this campaign launched back in 2012 so working with RTÉ to develop this creative HPTO was a great way to refresh the message and get people to take notice again!”


The RTÉ Media Sales – Digital team are Rich Media experts who are constantly innovating and can work with you to devise a bespoke solution for your campaign.

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Play 05David Fogarty, Commercial Coordinator, RTÉ Media Sales – Digital, has been involved in digital advertising for over 8 years. David has responsibility of leading and managing the RTÉ digital trafficking team and development and implementation of new ad formats across all of RTÉ digital platforms. David is a specialist in Rich Media and Video and holds a BSc in Computing.