RTÉ unveil innovative campaign for GloHealth and Mediaworks – Designed and developed in-house

RTÉ Media Sales – Digital in collaboration with GloHealth and Mediaworks Ireland, unveil the ‘Lifetime Community Rating’ campaign, via the ‘Breakout’ ad format on Ireland’s most popular catch-up service, the RTÉ Player.

The concept for the digital element of this campaign originated in RTÉ’s digital division, following consultation with Mediaworks Ireland (GloHealth’s media agency) – to develop an ad that would drive awareness of Lifetime Community Rating but ultimately prospects through to www.beatlcr.ie where they can find out / purchase our low cost health insurance plans. The campaign creative assets were supplied by GloHealth’s creative agency, Brando.

“This VOD is part of a direct response acquisition campaign, the core objective of which is to deliver cut through and consideration. The ‘Breakout’ ad format provides a strong visual differentiation around the brand and provides an immersive experience for the audience while at the same time driving a higher level of brand-recall as a result”, said David Fogarty, Commercial Coordinator, RTÉ Media Sales – Digital.

“We were delighted to be trialling this new innovative and interruptive format as a key part of our direct response targeted campaign for Lifetime Community Rating. We have seen very strong results with CTR of almost 10% to www.beatLCR.ie, which would be much higher than normal user interaction rates with VOD formats. This is definitely a format that we will consider using again in future campaigns”, Orla O’Keeffe, Head of Digital, GloHealth.

Click below to view the campaign: 


Campaign details:
Client: GloHealth
Campaign: LCR – Lifetime Community Rating
Ad Format: Breakout
Platform: RTÉ Player

About the ‘Breakout’ Ad Format:
The ‘Breakout’ Ad Format is an in-stream linear ad format that plays on VPAID-compliant video players and expands an overlay over the publisher’s video player. The overlay can expand automatically or can expand upon user interaction.

This ‘Breakout’ overlay creates a new element over the publisher’s video player and can be any size the user defines, as long as it meets the publisher’s specs. The ad can play before, after, and during the commercial break between publisher content. The possibilities to add enhancements to enrich interactivity and customise the ad are endless.

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The RTÉ Media Sales – Digital team are Rich Media experts who are constantly innovating and can work with you to devise a bespoke solution for your campaign.