RTÉ Issues quality guidelines on Ad Formats

RTÉ is a highly trusted source of content in the Irish and Global markets and we take pride in being a leader in best industry practice. Now, more than ever, we need quality content and advertising standards in digital media. We are committed to working with you as a trusted, Irish, brand safe business partner to drive these standards forward.

Currently, almost 50% of Irish adults connect to RTÉ’s digital services weekly including RTÉ.ie, RTÉ News Now and RTÉ Player. We aim to deliver an excellent user experience across all our services for new and returning audiences.

We also want our agency and client partners to feel 100% secure in the knowledge that their campaigns are viewable and are performing to the optimal level in a brand safe environment.

We listen closely to audience and partner feedback which directly shapes our content and advertising strategy.  As a result, we have made the decision to phase out some existing advertising formats and replace them with responsive formats. This is to ensure we continue to provide the best possible experience for both our users and our commercial partners.

Listed below are some of the advertising formats which will be phased out on RTÉ digital service platforms from 31st May 2017:

  • Mobile banners (320×50)
  • Mobile interscrollers
  • Page Scrollers
  • Full Page Interstitials
  • Splash Pages
  • Pop Ups

Below is an example of intrusive advertising V’s integrated advertising. Intrusive formats can create a negative experience to the user,, in turn connoting the brand negatively. The integrated format allows the user to view the ad alongside the content they have sought out.

RTÉ cares about its users and we want to help our advertising clients continue to build their brands in an Irish, brand safe and viewable environment.

If you have any queries, you Account Manager will be happy to have a chat with you, alternatively you can email your queries to rtedigitalsales@rte.ie.